The reflection of 35 years of technological advancement

Combining two worlds, infrared and convectional heating system, the MPX with is compact size can still be used for commercial grade applications as well as applications requiring limited space. Heat from air and radiant energy resulting in the highest efficiency heater, the MPX.

Improved combustion system

MPX equips larger radiation disk and improves combustion efficiency by 13% compare to the Daystar. MPX is able to provide more heat further away.

Adjustable vertical angle

The vertical angle of the radiation disk is adjustable up to 45 degrees.

Quiet operation

MPX’s efficient burner allows it to operate quietly with a noise level of about 59dB even at high heat setting compared to a typical forced-air heater’s noise level at about 75dB or more.

・MPX(Low) = 57.8dB ・MPX(High) = 59.4dB

・Daystar = 60dB ・KBE5L = 69dB

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