Fast and continuous moisture measurement analyzer

  • Feature 1 Outcome of poor drying grains can quickly be found on LCD screen

    Instantly determine moisture distribution. Green, Yellow, and Red color result provides easy-to-read moisture distribution at a glance. Drying time is varied by moisture content and variation of grains. Checking variation of moisture distribution of grains will prevent over drying accident.

  • Feature 2 Fast Measurement for paddy

    You can greatly reduce the working hours by achieving double speed of normal mode with “High Speed Mode for paddy”.

  • Feature 3 Single Kernel Measurement

    One kernel at a time measurement provides more accurate reading than handheld moisture meter.

  • Feature 4 Intuitive Color Touch screen

    Intuition tells you that getting on simple and easy to use with large LCD screen.

  • Feature 5 Data can be saved onto SD memory card(option)

    Data Storage and Capacity: Data can be saved onto SD memory card. For instance, memory storage for up to 2.6 million measurements results/1GB. Date could be exported to PC.

  • Feature 6 Internal Printer

    Histogram, single kernel result, and many types of result could be printed out.

  • Feature 7 Development and modified Calibration Curve

    Custom calibration could be created with CTR-500F application. Application is available on

  • Feature 8 Measures wide variety of grains

    CTR-500F series is capable of measuring Chinese long kernel, Indonesian long kernel: paddy, brown rice, and white rice.

  • Feature 9 Wide moisture measurement range

    CTR-500F series provides measurement of paddy and wheat with up to 40% moisture. High moisture content of grains can also be measured.

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