Frequently asked questions about our products


  • Q1
    What is required to operate VAL6 and HOTGUN heaters?
  • A1
    Little electricity and fuel oil/ natural gas or propane gas.
  • Q2
    What is used as fuel oil?
  • A2
    Kerosene is best, but high quality of No.1 Diesel also can be used.  Also natural and propane gas are available.No “Gasoline” used.
  • Q3
    Is the operation easy?
  • A3
    Yes, it is. Set “ON” the operating switch, and the heater will ignite within 10 seconds. Turn “OFF” the switch, and the flame will be extinguished.
  • Q4
    How many hours does VAL6 operate with full tank?
  • A4
    Approximately 15 hours for VAL6 KBE5L and KBE1JA, and 10 hours for the others. (except VAL6 Daystar)
  • Q5
    How many hours does HOTGUN operate with full tank?
  • A5
    HG125NC and 125NA operate approximately 16 hours. HG DHC isn’t equipped with fuel tank. Please purchase it separately.
  • Q6
    Is it possible to move around?
  • A6
    Yes, it is. Val6 and HOTGUN are very easy to move around because it is equipped with wheels. (except VAL6 Daystar)
  • Q7
    Why are the infrared-rays warm?
  • A7
    The infrared-rays not only radiate on the surface but also penetrate into the inside. Like the sunlight, VAL6′s radiant heat travels directly, unaffected by wind or rain, to the place you want. Also it doesn’t automatically rise to the ceiling.
  • Q8
    What are the consumable parts of oil heaters?
  • A8
    Nozzle and fuel filter.

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